Road Freight

We deliver through road over the country and worldwide to fulfill accordingly your multimodal chain of shipment in dry, reefer containers as well as bulk freight. Ever each or our units have GPS and mobile communication for us to track and monitor your goods. Every driver is professional and constantly capacitated, which allow us to perform an outstanding service.

Dry containers

Reefer containers

Bulk freight


Still questions?

Yes. We have legal assesors in diverse topics of international trade. That advantage give us the opportunity for you to analyze options towards economic, financiery, logistics and legal variables, which improve optimization in your actual processes. We design the required tactics to satisfy those needs.

We ship to and from every country. Our strategic partners in international trade allow us to provide trust to our clients and associates to develop their logistics processes with us.

Of course. We have technology with the highest standards to follow every detail of your shipment and consult us for every inconvenience.

We have regular work hours (Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm, GMT-5), but we always have specialized personel to maintain trust and security of our associates.

Your shipment in good hands

We make sure to guide your shipment with professionalism, based on your trust.

On-time shipments

We assure to deliver and receive shipments on estimated time, considering common contingencies.

Dedicated assessment

We have 10 active landlines, for our clients and associates to ask our experts for help