We are ISC Perú Cargo

We started in Lima, Perú, on December from 2008, with peruvian capital. Our main goals were providing international shipping services and properly assessment about foreign trade. Thanks to our previous experience and ability to offer a great service, we got positioned quickly in the market. Our service seeks for excellence through the interactions with our clients online and correct and precise information. Also, our properly trained staff allow us to keep our standards in every process.

We have a modern telephone exchange with 10 telephone lines, automatic fax and dedicated lines for importing and exporting. We are situated in Callao, Gamarra and Paita (Piura), satisfying the main shipping points of the country.

We have the highest standards in technology for every process, as we are connected with the Integral System of Shipping Management (DGA, acronym in Spanish) for web-following of every one of our shipping operations.

Our Mission

We seek to develop and offer an excellent service, that fit into the requirements of our clients and allows us to adapt to their necessities. We aim to be a company with Social Responsibility, to grow also with our employees allowing their personal and professional development.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a Logistic Operator with international quality. We aim to have alliances in Perú and all over the world. We project to be recognized as developers of good trade practices in our country to the world.

Our strategic partners


Yes. We have legal assesors in diverse topics of international trade. That advantage give us the opportunity for you to analyze options towards economic, financiery, logistics and legal variables, which improve optimization in your actual processes. We design the required tactics to satisfy those needs.

We ship to and from every country. Our strategic partners in international trade allow us to provide trust to our clients and associates to develop their logistics processes with us.

Of course. We have technology with the highest standards to follow every detail of your shipment and consult us for every inconvenience.

We have regular work hours (Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm, GMT-5), but we always have specialized personel to maintain trust and security of our associates.

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